How do i pay my invoice in The Webs Town?

To start, open your preferred browser and go to TheWebsTown.com and login to thewebstown using the login button from the Top Menu , you can use this link to go directly to the login page:


  1. Click the Billing from the menu
  2. Click My Invoices

Your invoice history is displayed on this page. You can see all of you invoices on this page including paid, unpaid etc, use the Previous, Next buttons on the bottom-right corner to move through the pages of invoices.

Click on the invoice you are willing to pay. As the invoice opens click on the Payment Button in the top corner, enter your credit/debit card details.

You are done!

The “Status” links in the left-hand sidebar can also be used to help organize your invoices by type,

You can click the column headings in the main table to sort the invoices in descending order, click the column heading again to sort in ascending order.

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